Occupational Therapy (OT) addresses the fundamental factors that impede children from functioning effectively in their home, school, and community environments. OT promotes functional skills through meaningful and purposeful activities, particularly through play.
Therapy incorporates enjoyable activities and experiences to encourage children's participation in tasks that enhance strength, coordination, range of motion, perceptual skills, cognitive abilities, sensory processing, and self-esteem.
This holistic approach aids children in successfully navigating various environments by involving them in "just right" challenges, fostering a sense of accomplishment and advancement in various functional aspects, including but not limited to:
Fine Motor skills – Writing, coloring, cutting
Gross Motor skills – Jumping, throwing, catching
Self-Help Skills – Dressing, Self-feeding, grooming
Visual Perceptual and oculomotor skills – Tracking, Convergence, Figure ground, visual discrimination, spatial relations
Sensory Processing


Physical therapy (PT) aids children in developing the motor skills required to navigate their environment safely and efficiently. Treatment concentrates on enhancing strength, range of motion, endurance, balance, and coordination. PT frequently addresses common diagnoses and limitations such as:
Cerebral Palsy
Delays in the achievement of developmental milestones including rolling, sitting, crawling, cruising or walking
Rehabilitation/recovery from orthopedic or neurological surgery
Genetic or Congenital Disorders


Speech Therapy (ST) is a comprehensive program that addresses a wide range of communication aspects, encompassing both expressive and receptive skills. Our dedicated team of therapists collaborates to enhance not only language abilities but also cognitive development, fostering improved problem-solving and critical thinking. ST extends its focus to socialization skills, helping children to engage more effectively with their peers and communicate their thoughts and feelings.
Social emotional development groups
Movement groups
Club Connect
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"I Am Me, We Are We" Activity Group: An activity group embracing neurodiversity for children.
This group offers the opportunity for social engagement among peers in a naturalistic setting, employing engaging activities that align with the unique interests of each group member. Members are also encouraged to explore new experiences and cultivate fresh interests. Our team of trained therapists employs effective techniques designed to harness participants' strengths, fostering skill development in social-emotional skills and social participation.
Nurturing Your Child's Development
In this workshop, our primary objective is to provide parents with a holistic perspective on child development, emphasizing the importance of viewing their child as a whole. We will explore various topics to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your child's needs and how to effectively address them through mindful parenting.

Join us Saturday November 5th from 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM. We will discuss topics such as: Co-Regulation, Communication, Mindful Parenting Tips and much more.
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